meet klay coco in new york city fairs

Dragon Fest x Klay Coco

Hey there!

Being a design brand owner is constant creative and hard work.

But the real magic happens when I meet you amazing people at NYC fairs.  Putting myself and my art out there can be very scary! So when I see someone's eyes light up because a phone case matches their vibe, or they can't stop staring at a particular art print I designed, it truly makes my day.

These chats are way more than just selling stuff. We talk about what gets our creative juices flowing, the kind of art we love to have around, and how they'd rock my pieces in their world. It's about that awesome connection between the art and the person, a way to express themselves with a little extra "wow."

So, the next time you see something of mine that makes you go "aww", don't be shy! Come say hi, tell me what you think, and let's chat about all things creative.

Maybe we'll even bump into each other at the next NYC fair!

In the meantime, check out my latest creations on the website and follow me on social media for updates on upcoming events. @klay.coco



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